Index of values

assert_size [GL]
utility function to check if the dimensions of the image are compatible with OpenGL textures.

ba1_glefloat_create [GLE]
ba1_glefloat_of_array [GLE]
ba2_float32_create [GLE]
identical to Bigarray.Array2.create Bigarray.float32 Bigarray.c_layout dim1 dim2
ba2_float32_of_array [GLE]
identical to Bigarray.Array2.of_array Bigarray.float32 Bigarray.c_layout array
ba2_glefloat_create [GLE]
identical to ba2_float32_create but with gle_float
ba2_glefloat_of_array [GLE]
identical to ba2_float32_of_array but with gle_float
ba_sizeof [VBO]
you can use this function to provide the size argument of the function glBufferData

colors_none [GLE]

delete_mesh [Ogl_draw]
do_with_matrixMode [FunGL]
draw_as_identity [FunGL]
draw_disabled [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glDisable
draw_enabled [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glEnable
draw_mesh [Ogl_draw]
The first parameter is the product of the modelview matrix and the projection matrix.
draw_rotated [FunGL]
draw_scaled [FunGL]
draw_translated [FunGL]
draw_using_program [FunGL]
draw_with_cullFace [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glCullFace
draw_with_frontFace [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glFrontFace
draw_with_lightModel [FunGL]
draw_with_lineWidth [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glLineWidth, in OpenGL >= 3.0, this function does not support values greater than 1.0 anymore.
draw_with_material [FunGL]
draw_with_matrix [FunGL]
draw_with_pointSize [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glPointSize
draw_with_polygonMode [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glPolygonMode
draw_with_polygonMode2 [FunGL]
use this function as replacement of GL.glPolygonMode
draw_with_rgb [FunGL]
draw_with_rgba [FunGL]
draw_with_shadeModel [FunGL]
draw_with_viewport [FunGL]
use this function instead of GL.glViewport when you use a local viewport

elem_size [VBO]
this function returns the size in octets of the elements of a bigarray

free_select_buffer [GL]
frustum [Ogl_matrix]
replaces glFrustum
ftglCreateBitmapFont [Ftgl]
ftglCreateBufferFont [Ftgl]
ftglCreateExtrudeFont [Ftgl]
ftglCreateOutlineFont [Ftgl]
ftglCreatePixmapFont [Ftgl]
ftglCreatePolygonFont [Ftgl]
ftglCreateSimpleLayout [Ftgl]
ftglCreateTextureFont [Ftgl]
ftglDestroyFont [Ftgl]
ftglDestroyLayout [Ftgl]
ftglGetFontAdvance [Ftgl]
ftglGetFontAscender [Ftgl]
ftglGetFontDescender [Ftgl]
ftglGetFontFaceSize [Ftgl]
ftglGetFontLineHeight [Ftgl]
ftglGetLayoutAlignement [Ftgl]
ftglGetLayoutFont [Ftgl]
ftglGetLayoutLineLength [Ftgl]
ftglRenderFont [Ftgl]
ftglSetFontDepth [Ftgl]
ftglSetFontFaceSize [Ftgl]
ftglSetFontOutset [Ftgl]
ftglSetLayoutAlignment [Ftgl]
ftglSetLayoutFont [Ftgl]
ftglSetLayoutLineLength [Ftgl]
ftglSetLayoutLineSpacing [Ftgl]
fun_glut [FunGlut]
This function works like a List.fold_left which means that the application data is given as the parameter init and then passed through each callback.

get_identity [Ogl_matrix]
glAccum [GL]
glActiveTexture [GL]
glActiveTexturei [GL]
glActiveTexturei i is equivalent to glActiveTexture GL_TEXTUREi
glAlphaFunc [GL]
glArrayElement [VertArray]
glAttachShader [GL]
glBegin [GL]
glBindAttribLocation [GL]
glBindBuffer [VBO]
glBindTexture [GL]
glBindTexture2D [GL]
equivalent to glBindTexture with parameter GL_TEXTURE_2D
glBindVertexArray [VertArray]
glBitmap [GL]
glBlendEquation [GL]
glBlendFunc [GL]
glBufferData [VBO]
glBufferDataNull [VBO]
same than glBufferData but passes a NULL pointer to the data parameter of the C function
glBufferSubData [VBO]
glCallList [GL]
glCallLists [GL]
glClear [GL]
glClearAccum [GL]
glClearColor [GL]
glClearDepth [GL]
glClearIndex [GL]
glClearStencil [GL]
glClipPlane [GL]
glClipPlane_unsafe [GL]
same than glClipPlane but doesn't check that equation contains 4 items.
glClipPlanei [GL]
glClipPlanei_unsafe [GL]
glColor3 [GL]
glColor3c [GL]
glColor3cv [GL]
glColor3v [GL]
glColor4 [GL]
glColor4c [GL]
not clamped to range [0.0 - 1.0] but ['\000' - '\255']
glColor4cv [GL]
glColor4v [GL]
glColorMask [GL]
glColorMaterial [GL]
glColorPointer [VertArray]
glColorPointer0 [VertArray]
glColorPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glColorPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glColorPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glCompileShader [GL]
glCopyPixels [GL]
glCopyTexImage2D [GL]
glCreateProgram [GL]
glCreateShader [GL]
glCullFace [GL]
glDeleteBuffer [VBO]
glDeleteBuffers [VBO]
glDeleteLists [GL]
glDeleteProgram [GL]
glDeleteShader [GL]
glDeleteTexture [GL]
glDeleteTextures [GL]
glDeleteVertexArray [VertArray]
glDepthFunc [GL]
glDepthMask [GL]
glDepthRange [GL]
glDetachShader [GL]
glDisable [GL]
glDisableClientState [VertArray]
glDisableVertexAttribArray [GL]
glDrawArrays [VertArray]
glDrawBuffer [GL]
glDrawElements [VertArray]
glDrawElements0 [VertArray]
glDrawElementsOfs16 [VertArray]
glDrawElementsOfs32 [VertArray]
glDrawElementsOfs8 [VertArray]
glDrawPixels_str [GL]
glDrawRangeElements [VertArray]
glEdgeFlag [GL]
glEdgeFlagPointer [VertArray]
glEdgeFlagPointer0 [VertArray]
glEdgeFlagPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glEdgeFlagPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glEdgeFlagPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glEnable [GL]
glEnableClientState [VertArray]
glEnableVertexAttribArray [GL]
glEnd [GL]
glEndList [GL]
glEvalCoord1 [GL]
glEvalCoord2 [GL]
glEvalMesh1 [GL]
glEvalMesh2 [GL]
glEvalPoint1 [GL]
glEvalPoint2 [GL]
glFinish [GL]
glFlush [GL]
glFog [GL]
glFrontFace [GL]
glFrustum [GL]
glGenBuffer [VBO]
glGenBuffers [VBO]
glGenList [GL]
glGenLists [GL]
glGenTexture [GL]
glGenTextures [GL]
glGenVertexArray [VertArray]
glGetAttribLocation [GL]
glGetBoolean1 [GL]
glGetBoolean4 [GL]
glGetBufferAccess [VBO]
glGetBufferMapped [VBO]
glGetBufferSize [VBO]
glGetBufferUsage [VBO]
glGetCullFaceMode [GL]
associated get for GL.glCullFace
glGetError [GL]
glGetFloat1 [GL]
glGetFloat2 [GL]
glGetFloat3 [GL]
glGetFloat4 [GL]
glGetInteger1 [GL]
glGetInteger2 [GL]
glGetInteger4 [GL]
glGetLight [GL]
glGetListMode [GL]
glGetMaterial1f [GL]
glGetMaterial3i [GL]
glGetMaterial4f [GL]
glGetMatrix [GL]
glGetMatrixFlat [GL]
glGetPolygonMode [GL]
glGet with argument GL_POLYGON_MODE manual page on
glGetProgramInfoLog [GL]
glGetProgramb [GL]
glGetProgrami [GL]
glGetShaderCompileStatus [GL]
glGetShaderCompileStatus_exn [GL]
same than glGetShaderCompileStatus but raises an exception instead of returning false
glGetShaderInfoLog [GL]
glGetString [GL]
glGetTextureBinding [GL]
glGetUniformLocation [GL]
glHint [GL]
glIndex [GL]
glIndexPointer [VertArray]
glIndexPointer0 [VertArray]
glIndexPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glIndexPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glIndexPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glIndexi [GL]
glInitNames [GL]
glInterleavedArrays [VertArray]
glIsEnabled [GL]
glIsList [GL]
glIsShader [GL]
glIsTexture [GL]
glIsVertexArray [VertArray]
glLight [GL]
glLightModel [GL]
glLineStipple [GL]
glLineWidth [GL]
glLinkProgram [GL]
glListBase [GL]
glLoadIdentity [GL]
glLoadMatrix [GL]
checks the matrix given is 4x4 with assertions
glLoadMatrixFlat [GL]
as glLoadMatrix but with an array of length 16
glLoadMatrixFlat_unsafe [GL]
same than glLoadMatrixFlat but doesn't make any checks
glLoadName [GL]
glLogicOp [GL]
glMap1 [GL]
glMap2 [GL]
glMapBufferAbs [VBO]
glMapGrid1 [GL]
glMapGrid2 [GL]
glMaterial [GL]
glMatrixMode [GL]
glMultMatrix [GL]
checks the matrix given is 4x4 with assertions
glMultMatrixFlat [GL]
same than glMultMatrix but with an array of length 16
glMultMatrixFlat_unsafe [GL]
same than glMultMatrixFlat but doesn't make any checks.
glMultiDrawArrays [VertArray]
glMultiTexCoord2 [GL]
glMultiTexCoord2i [GL]
glNewList [GL]
glNormal3 [GL]
glNormal3v [GL]
glNormalPointer [VertArray]
glNormalPointer0 [VertArray]
glNormalPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glNormalPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glNormalPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glOrtho [GL]
glPixelMapfv [GL]
glPixelStoreb [GL]
glPixelStorei [GL]
glPixelTransferb [GL]
glPixelTransferf [GL]
glPixelTransferfARB [GL]
glPixelTransferi [GL]
glPixelZoom [GL]
glPointParameter [GL]
glPointSize [GL]
glPolygonMode [GL]
glPolygonOffset [GL]
glPolygonStipple [GL]
glPolygonStipple_unsafe [GL]
Same than glPolygonStipple but does not check the size of the big array.
glPopAttrib [GL]
glPopMatrix [GL]
glPopName [GL]
glPrioritizeTexture [GL]
glPrioritizeTextures [GL]
glPrioritizeTexturesp [GL]
glPushAttrib [GL]
glPushMatrix [GL]
glPushName [GL]
glRasterPos2 [GL]
glRasterPos2i [GL]
glRasterPos2iv [GL]
glRasterPos2v [GL]
glRasterPos3 [GL]
glRasterPos3i [GL]
glRasterPos3iv [GL]
glRasterPos3v [GL]
glRasterPos4 [GL]
glRasterPos4i [GL]
glRasterPos4iv [GL]
glRasterPos4v [GL]
glReadBuffer [GL]
glReadPixelsBA [GL]
same than glReadPixelsBA_unsafe but checks the size of the big-array
glReadPixelsBA_unsafe [GL]
glRect [GL]
glRecti [GL]
glRenderMode [GL]
glRotate [GL]
glRotatev [GL]
glSampleCoverage [GL]
glScale [GL]
glScalev [GL]
glScissor [GL]
glSecondaryColor3 [GL]
glSecondaryColorPointer [VertArray]
glSecondaryColorPointer0 [VertArray]
glSecondaryColorPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glSecondaryColorPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glSecondaryColorPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glSelectBuffer [GL]
glSelectBufferBA [GL]
glShadeModel [GL]
glShaderSource [GL]
glStencilFunc [GL]
glStencilFuncn [GL]
OCaml standard ints have 1 bit missing from nativeint.
glStencilMask [GL]
glStencilOp [GL]
glTexCoord1 [GL]
glTexCoord2 [GL]
glTexCoord2v [GL]
glTexCoord3 [GL]
glTexCoord3v [GL]
glTexCoord4 [GL]
glTexCoord4v [GL]
glTexCoordPointer [VertArray]
glTexCoordPointer0 [VertArray]
glTexCoordPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glTexCoordPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glTexCoordPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glTexEnv [GL]
glTexGen [GL]
glTexGenv [GL]
glTexGenva [GL]
glTexImage1D [GL]
glTexImage2D [GL]
glTexImage2D_str [GL]
glTexImage3D [GL]
glTexParameter [GL]
glTranslate [GL]
glTranslatev [GL]
glUnbindBuffer [VBO]
Equivalent to the function glBindBuffer with 0 as vbo_id, as tells the manual to unbind buffer objects.
glUnbindTexture [GL]
glUnbindTexture2D [GL]
glUniform1f [GL]
glUniform1fv [GL]
glUniform1i [GL]
glUniform1iv [GL]
glUniform2f [GL]
glUniform2fv [GL]
glUniform2i [GL]
glUniform2iv [GL]
glUniform3f [GL]
glUniform3fv [GL]
glUniform3i [GL]
glUniform3iv [GL]
glUniform4f [GL]
glUniform4fv [GL]
glUniform4i [GL]
glUniform4iv [GL]
glUniformMatrix2f [GL]
glUniformMatrix2fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix2x3f [GL]
glUniformMatrix2x3fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix2x4f [GL]
glUniformMatrix2x4fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix3f [GL]
glUniformMatrix3fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix3x2f [GL]
glUniformMatrix3x2fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix3x4f [GL]
glUniformMatrix3x4fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix4f [GL]
glUniformMatrix4fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix4x2f [GL]
glUniformMatrix4x2fv [GL]
glUniformMatrix4x3f [GL]
glUniformMatrix4x3fv [GL]
glUnmapBuffer [VBO]
glUnuseProgram [GL]
equivalent to the C call glUseProgram(0) that desactivates the program
glUseProgram [GL]
glVertex2 [GL]
glVertex2v [GL]
glVertex3 [GL]
glVertex3v [GL]
glVertex4 [GL]
glVertex4v [GL]
glVertexAttrib1d [GL]
glVertexAttrib1s [GL]
glVertexAttrib2d [GL]
glVertexAttrib2s [GL]
glVertexAttrib3d [GL]
glVertexAttrib3s [GL]
glVertexAttrib4d [GL]
glVertexAttrib4s [GL]
glVertexAttribPointer [VertArray]
glVertexAttribPointer0 [VertArray]
glVertexAttribPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glVertexAttribPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glVertexAttribPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glVertexPointer [VertArray]
glVertexPointer0 [VertArray]
glVertexPointerOfs16 [VertArray]
glVertexPointerOfs32 [VertArray]
glVertexPointerOfs8 [VertArray]
glViewport [GL]
gleDestroyGC [GLE]
clean up global memory usage
gleExtrusion [GLE]
extrude arbitrary 2D contour along arbitrary 3D path
gleGetJoinStyle [GLE]
control join style of the tubes
gleHelicoid [GLE]
Generalized Torus.
glePolyCone [GLE]
draw polycone, specified as a polyline with radii
glePolyCone_c4f [GLE]
same than glePolyCone but with RGBA colors
glePolyCylinder [GLE]
draw polyclinder, specified as a polyline
gleSetJoinStyle [GLE]
gleSpiral [GLE]
sweep an arbitrary contour along a helical path
gleTwistExtrusion [GLE]
extrude 2D contour, specifying local rotations (twists)
glmlite_version [GL]
gluBeginPolygon [Glu]
gluBeginSurface [Glu]
gluBuild1DMipmaps [Glu]
gluBuild2DMipmaps [Glu]
gluBuild3DMipmaps [Glu]
gluCallbackTessBegin [Glu]
gluCallbackTessEnd [Glu]
gluCallbackTessError [Glu]
gluCallbackTessVertex [Glu]
gluCylinder [Glu]
gluDeleteQuadric [Glu]
gluDeleteTess [Glu]
gluDisk [Glu]
gluEndPolygon [Glu]
gluEndSurface [Glu]
gluErrorString [Glu]
gluGetString [Glu]
gluGetTessBoundaryOnly [Glu]
gluGetTessTolerance [Glu]
gluGetTessWindingRule [Glu]
gluLookAt [Glu]
gluNewNurbsRenderer [Glu]
gluNewQuadric [Glu]
gluNewTess [Glu]
gluNextContour [Glu]
gluNurbsProperty [Glu]
gluNurbsSurface [Glu]
gluOrtho2D [Glu]
gluPartialDisk [Glu]
gluPerspective [Glu]
gluPickMatrix [Glu]
gluProject [Glu]
gluProjectFlat [Glu]
same than gluProject but optimised
gluProjectUtil [Glu]
Utility provides a classic use of gluProject with default parameters, the modelview matrix, the projection matrix, and the current viewport.
gluQuadricDrawStyle [Glu]
gluQuadricNormals [Glu]
gluQuadricOrientation [Glu]
gluQuadricTexture [Glu]
gluSphere [Glu]
gluTessBeginContour [Glu]
gluTessBeginPolygon [Glu]
gluTessBeginPolygonData [Glu]
gluTessDefaultCallback [Glu]
Sets default callbacks for a classic use.
gluTessEndContour [Glu]
gluTessEndPolygon [Glu]
gluTessErrorString [Glu]
same than gluErrorString but for type tess_error
gluTessNormal [Glu]
gluTessProperty [Glu]
gluTessVertex [Glu]
gluTesselate [Glu]
Is equivalent to:
    gluTessBeginPolygon ~tess;
      gluTessBeginContour ~tess;
        Array.iter (fun (x,y,z) -> gluTessVertex ~tess ~x ~y ~z) points;
      gluTessEndContour ~tess;
    gluTessEndPolygon ~tess;

gluTesselateIter [Glu]
Is equivalent to:
    gluTessBeginPolygon ~tess;
      List.iter (fun points ->
          gluTessBeginContour ~tess;
            Array.iter (fun (x,y,z) -> gluTessVertex ~tess ~x ~y ~z) points;
          gluTessEndContour ~tess;
        ) datas;
    gluTessEndPolygon ~tess;

gluUnProject [Glu]
gluUnProjectFlat [Glu]
same than gluUnProject but optimised
gluUnProjectPixel [Glu]
Utility Same as gluUnProjectUtil but also checks the depth of the pixel.
gluUnProjectUtil [Glu]
Utility provides a classic use of gluUnProject with default parameters, the modelview matrix, the projection matrix, and the current viewport.
glutAddMenuEntry [Glut]
glutAddSubMenu [Glut]
glutAttachMenu [Glut]
glutBitmapCharacter [Glut]
glutBitmapHeight [Glut]
glutBitmapLength [Glut]
glutBitmapWidth [Glut]
glutChangeToMenuEntry [Glut]
glutChangeToSubMenu [Glut]
glutCreateMenu [Glut]
glutCreateSubWindow [Glut]
glutCreateWindow [Glut]
glutDestroyMenu [Glut]
glutDestroyWindow [Glut]
glutDetachMenu [Glut]
glutDeviceGet [Glut]
glutDisplayFunc [Glut]
glutEnterGameMode [Glut]
glutEntryFunc [Glut]
glutExtensionSupported [Glut]
glutFullScreen [Glut]
glutGameModeGet [Glut]
glutGameModeString [Glut]
glutGet [Glut]
glutGetColor [Glut]
glutGetMenu [Glut]
glutGetModifiers [Glut]
glutGetModifiersB [Glut]
same as glutGetModifiers but returns a tuple
let (shift, ctrl, alt) = glutGetModifiersB() in

glutGetWindow [Glut]
glutHideWindow [Glut]
glutIconifyWindow [Glut]
glutIdleFunc [Glut]
glutIgnoreKeyRepeat [Glut]
glutInit [Glut]
glutInitContextProfile [Glut]
glutInitContextVersion [Glut]
glutInitDisplayMode [Glut]
glutInitDisplayString [Glut]
glutInitWindowPosition [Glut]
glutInitWindowSize [Glut]
glutKeyboardFunc [Glut]
glutKeyboardUpFunc [Glut]
glutLeaveGameMode [Glut]
glutLeaveMainLoop [Glut]
function only available with some implementations (ex: FreeGlut or OpenGlut)
glutMainLoop [Glut]
glutMotionFunc [Glut]
glutMouseFunc [Glut]
glutPassiveMotionFunc [Glut]
glutPopWindow [Glut]
glutPositionWindow [Glut]
glutPostRedisplay [Glut]
glutPushWindow [Glut]
glutRemoveIdleFunc [Glut]
glutRemoveMenuItem [Glut]
glutReshapeFunc [Glut]
glutReshapeWindow [Glut]
glutSetColor [Glut]
doc on to use with glIndex
glutSetCursor [Glut]
glutSetIconTitle [Glut]
glutSetMenu [Glut]
glutSetWindow [Glut]
glutSetWindowTitle [Glut]
glutShowWindow [Glut]
glutSolidCone [Glut]
glutSolidCube [Glut]
glutSolidDodecahedron [Glut]
glutSolidIcosahedron [Glut]
glutSolidOctahedron [Glut]
glutSolidRhombicDodecahedron [Glut]
glutSolidSphere [Glut]
glutSolidTeapot [Glut]
glutSolidTetrahedron [Glut]
glutSolidTorus [Glut]
glutSpecialFunc [Glut]
glutSpecialUpFunc [Glut]
glutStrokeCharacter [Glut]
glutStrokeHeight [Glut]
glutStrokeLength [Glut]
glutStrokeWidth [Glut]
glutSwapBuffers [Glut]
glutTimerFunc [Glut]
glutVisibilityFunc [Glut]
glutWarpPointer [Glut]
glutWireCone [Glut]
glutWireCube [Glut]
glutWireDodecahedron [Glut]
glutWireIcosahedron [Glut]
glutWireOctahedron [Glut]
glutWireRhombicDodecahedron [Glut]
glutWireSphere [Glut]
glutWireTeapot [Glut]
glutWireTetrahedron [Glut]
glutWireTorus [Glut]

load_img [Genimg_loader]
load_img [Svg_loader]
load_img [Png_loader]
load_img [Jpeg_loader]

make_mesh [Ogl_draw]
make_mesh_unsafe [Ogl_draw]
mapped_buffer_blit [VBO]
mapped_buffer_blit_ofs [VBO]
matrix_translate [Ogl_matrix]
imperative, modifies the matrix parameter
mult_matrix [Ogl_matrix]

new_select_buffer [GL]

ortho_projection [Ogl_matrix]
replaces glOrtho

perspective_projection [Ogl_matrix]
replaces gluPerspective
post_redisplay [FunGlut]

render_primitive [FunGL]

scale_matrix [Ogl_matrix]
select_buffer_get [GL]

translation_matrix [Ogl_matrix]
tris_of_mixed [Ogl_draw]
tris_of_quads [Ogl_draw]

with_enablements [FunGL]
same than draw_enabled but with several capabilities

x_rotation_matrix [Ogl_matrix]

y_rotation_matrix [Ogl_matrix]

z_rotation_matrix [Ogl_matrix]