Module SWF

module SWF: sig .. end


The comments of this documentation have been taken from the Ming section of the PHP documentation, which is released under the OPL licence.

module Ming: sig .. end
Ming general functions
val get_content_type : unit -> string
provides the content-type string to use for CGIs.
type input 
module Input: sig .. end
type character 
a character is any sort of asset that's referenced later- SWF.bitmap, SWF.shape, SWF.morph, SWF.sound, SWF.sprite are all characters
module Character: sig .. end
type bitmap 
type shape 
type morph 
type sound 
type sprite 
val bitmap_of_character : character -> bitmap
val shape_of_character : character -> shape
val morph_of_character : character -> morph
val sound_of_character : character -> sound
val sprite_of_character : character -> sprite
val character_of_bitmap : bitmap -> character
val character_of_shape : shape -> character
val character_of_morph : morph -> character
val character_of_sound : sound -> character
val character_of_sprite : sprite -> character
module Bitmap: sig .. end
type jpeg_bitmap 
module JpegBitmap: sig .. end
type gradient 
module Gradient: sig .. end
type fill_style 
module FillStyle: sig .. end
type line_style 
module LineStyle: sig .. end
type fill 
type font 
module Shape: sig .. end
module Morph: sig .. end
module Font: sig .. end
type action 
module Action: sig .. end
type display_item 
module DisplayItem: sig .. end
module Fill: sig .. end
type movie_clip 
type block 
val block_of_shape : shape:shape -> block
val block_of_morph : morph:morph -> block
module MovieClip: sig .. end
type movie 
val block_of_movie_clip : movie_clip:movie_clip -> block
module Movie: sig .. end
module OO: sig .. end