Class Mail.mail

class mail : object .. end

method from : string
self#from return the sender address
method helo : string
self#helo return the string use with HELO command. Default is Ocaml Mailer.
method msg : string
self#msg return the body of the mail.
method rcpt : string
self#rcpt return the recipient address.
method subject : string
self#subject return the mail subject.
method send : unit
self#send send the mail thru self#server
method server : string
self#server return the server use for sending the mail.
method set_from : string -> unit
self#set_from mail set the sender address.
method set_helo : string -> unit
self#set_helo s set the string use with HELO command.
method set_msg : string -> unit
self#set_msg s set body of the mail.
method set_rcpt : string -> unit
self#set_rcpt mail set the recipient address.
method set_server : string -> unit
self#set_server s set the server use to send mail.
method set_subject : string -> unit
self#set_subject s set the mail subject.