OCaml / OpenGL Tutorials

Beginning with OpenGL in OCaml

Tutorial about the very beginning of OpenGL in OCaml:
In English -> OCaml OpenGL Beginning Tutorial
In French -> Débuter avec OpenGL en OCaml

Foreward Compatible OpenGL

Programmers should not use the old OpenGL features that are now deprecated:
Foreward Compatible OpenGL Programming (In English)

OpenGL Vertex Array in OCaml

Like display lists, vertex-arrays are an efficient way to draw geometries on screen here is a tutorial about how to use VAs with glMLite.

OpenGL Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) in OCaml

VBO is an extension intended to enhance the performance of OpenGL by providing the benefits of vertex array and display list, while avoiding downsides of their implementations. Vertex buffer object (VBO) allows vertex array data to be stored in high-performance graphics memory on the server side and promotes efficient data transfer.